Biology Committee

Co-Chairs: James Amatruda and Matthew Murray

MaGIC’s biologic research brings together basic scientists, clinicians, and others interested in the biology of germ cell development and GCTs to foster the exchange of data and ideas, and to promote collaboration through multi-investigator, multi-institution funding applications for bench-to-bedside and bedside-to-bench translational research.

MaGIC’s biologic research helps ensure a continued focus on patients with GCTs who have historically been underrepresented in research—such as children and women with ovarian GCT.

Biology Committee members

Matthew Murray
James Amatruda
Aditya Bagrodia
Darren Feldman
Joanna Gell
Michelle Lockely
Daniel Nettersheim
Jen Poynter
Rod Rassekh
Toshi Shioda
Chris Sweeney
Robert Weiss